There is no holding back at this Chancery Lane paradise, where theatrical cocktails, tropical interiors, a flirty young crowd and buzzing party playlist make for a unique night out in the city. I just couldn't pass up the chance to check Kanaloa out.

The Venue

This isn't just a tiki bar in London, it's THE tiki bar in London. Whilst many tropical drinking retreats promise exotic flair with a cocktail here and a stick of bamboo there; Kanaloa have nabbed a little dash of Hawaii and put it slap, bang in the middle of Chancery Lane. Boasting three unique spaces, Kanaloa is decorated like any Maui shack; clad with bamboo walls, brimming with island plants and doused in Polynesian flair. If you're not propped by the main bar or hustling on the dancefloor next door you'll have nabbed yourself a private table in their second floor treetop area that overlooks the ground floor. 

Bringing an overtly cool taste of the South Pacific to Chancery Lane, Kanaloa is a top tiki bar.

The Food and Drink

You'd be down right barmy to be seen with a pint of beer in your hand at Kanaloa; and whilst they still off the classics with wine and spirits, it's all about the creative concoctions in this exotic drinking resort. Starting with their rum based 'Jungle Juice' (£9), I was chuffed with the waitress that both knew her way around a cocktail list and catered to my feisty palate. Not to let the theatrics slip by, next up was a 'Coconut Cannonball'; served in a coconut, this sweet concoction of Bacardi and honey came with its own sparkler, like I said, theatrics. Whilst swimming at the deep end when it comes to price, Kanaloa promise panache, entertainment and flavour in every tropical treat. Try their 'Chest of Fire' while you're there, while we didn't get one, there's something mesmerising about a treasure chest masked with smoke, sparklers and brimming with paradise flavours.

Certainly don't let their food pass you by either. We opted for a hearty platter of international nibbles including edamame beans, spring rolls, ribs and chicken strips; it's safe to say that we were sufficiently stuffed with Kanaloa's treats.

Kanaloa will set your senses ablaze with its amazing cocktails.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Buzzing with young 20 somethings, Kanaloa is definitely the venue for a spirited crowd of heel clad ladies and dapper gents looking to get their exotic fill, be it on a private table or up in the tree tops. But what does a tiki bar in Central London have to boast behind the decks? I don't think I can do Kanaloa's playlist justice with a few mere words, but i'll try. Brimming with retro party classics, the room was buzzing with Michael Jackson and much, much more. There's something truly magical about a room shimmying along to the sounds of any vintage NOW CD... staff included of course.

Looking for a premium party in the city? Kanaloa comes alive come sundown. 


Bustling and beautifully decorated, Kanaloa is a great space in the city that no doubt boast one the best themes in the industry. And whilst the price of cocktails may put many party punters off, there is no doubt that Kanaloa promise that little something extra in every drink they serve, be it theatrics, unique flavours or even a Lei flower garland on arrival.