New bar spy - Passyunk Avenue

Passyunk Avenue is the new dive bar in Fitzrovia delivering the 'only authentic Philly Cheesesteak'

Passyunk Avenue

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TBC February

What they say:

Do you know the only place to get authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches in London? The answer is Passyunk Avenue, allegedly, according to themselves. At the helm of the restaurant bar is a real Philadelphian, who has been making waves as the Liberty Cheesesteak company in Spitalfields Market since 2015. Now, they've got a permanent space in the a-lot-fancier Fitzrovia, but they’ll be aiming for that classic dive bar appeal, with a ground floor restaurant and a basement bar below.

What we say:

If you didn’t know already (or haven’t drooled over the photo), the Philadelphia Cheesesteak is not only the sandwich of dreams, but at the centre of this new joint. Theirs are made from soft Italian bread, thinly slice rib-eye beef, and melted, gooey cheese. Though if sandwiches dripping in delicious cheese aren’t your thing – we have no idea why they wouldn’t be – they’ve got other food tricks up their sleeves. Roast pork and meatball sandwiches, soft pretzels, and ‘hoagies’ (monstrous sandwiches crammed with enough filling to feed the nation) are among the other things on their menu.