Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen - Fitzrovia Bar Review

Published . By Charlie Staples.

When I was told that I’d be heading off to Jerusalem, I was worried that I might need to brush up on my Hebrew… but then I found out that I was actually just going to a bar, so it was all kosher. #DadJokes

(If you came here looking for half-decent humour, this review is probably one you’re gonna wanna passover.)

Okay, I’m done.

The Venue

Tucked away from the hustle‘n’bustle of Oxford Street is Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen - a subterranean boozer that dwells below the effervescent West London. As I descend the fire exit-esque staircase and enter the unprepossessing entrance, I’m greeted by a vast cavern. This open-planned watering hole is decked out with exposed brickwork, low lighting fixtures and charmingly asperous wooden tables. There’s a huge bar on your left, an elevated, some-what separated dining area in the back-right corner, and between the two, there’s a vast open space which acts as a dining area by day, and a dancefloor by night. During our visit, Halloween was creeping up on us, so the venue was decorated with just the right amount of eerie embellishment.

The dining corner is cosy and charming - ideal for snuggling up with a loved one. 

Food And Drink

Snuggled up in the far right corner, my plus one and I were happy to sit down and sample the wares that this boozer offers up whilst the post-work ruckus went on in the centre of the dancefloor-cum-socialising-space-cum-bar-queue.

For starters, we shared the Mediterranean Platter (£15) - decent grub. The prawns had a cajuny kick to them and the haloumi was nice and squeaky. On top of that, I ordered a Prawn and Crab Cocktail (£5.50) as a side dish for my main (as it’s listed on the menu), however, this turned up with the platter too. No biggie. This was splendid - super meaty chunks of crab and prawn drenched in a delectable thousand island sauce - probably the dish of the night.

For mains, I opted for the Superfood Salad (£9) and my plus one went for the BBQ Ribs (£10). The ‘superfood salad’ was great, but it must be noted, it didn’t contain any distinguishable superfoods. In fact, mine was actually served up with generous shavings of parmesan and a topped with an abundance of some kind of deep-fried swede. Again, it was super-tasty, but probably not for those of you who were banking on this dish being a ‘healthy option’. The ribs were barbeque-y, and the accompanying chips were good too. The grub here isn’t gourmet but it certainly does the job. 

In terms of the tipples, the cocktails here are splendid - we sampled the likes of the No. 7 Punch, Pear Martini, Gin Smash and the Gentleman's Agreement (£8.50-£9); all of them were delectable - well-mixed and pleasantly presented.

The food does the job and the drinks are splendid. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele  

We visited Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen on a Thursday night at 7:30pm and it was buzzing with the afterwork crowd. Coteries of businessmen drank bottled beers and young creatives dabbled in delectable cocktails as the DJ spun a mix of hits throughout the night. With plenty in attendance, boozing the night away in cheery fashion, this bar boasts a fantastically fun vibe. The staff here friendly too - attentive, but not too in-your-face.

Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen attracts a lively crowd. 


Overall, Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen is a pretty solid West London boozer. The food is respectable and the drinks & atmosphere are a level above most. A cracking spot for letting off some steam after work. Mazel tov!