Film Set Bars and Clubs in London

With its urban city scapes, subterranean tunnels and historic landmarks, it shouldn't be any surprise that film crews flock to London when in need of a striking backdrop for their drama to unfold. The bounty of distinctive clubs, bars and restaurants in the capital mean that it's also a goldmine of filming possibilities behind closed doors as well. From iconic dance sequences to broody goth performances and illicit affairs, we take a look at some of the film set bars and clubs in London that have played host to famous movie scenes. After checking out our recommended list, you may even want to go and recreate a few classic scenes yourself!


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Glittering disco balls, pop hits and karaoke rooms make Infernos one club that's fully aware of its cheese fest appeal. It's unsurprising that it attracts young, party people including the cool crew from The Inbetweeners Movie. You may be able to recognise its fairy lights and carpeted floor as the empty club in Malia where the boys test out their peacocking skills with that unforgettable dance sequence.

Wooden beams and dark wood pannelling make this historic film set pub in London a magnet for crews looking for an atmospheric boozer to film in. Ye Olde Mitre is even Doug's local in 2000 crime film Snatch where Guy Ritchie makes a humble cameo as 'man reading newspaper'. Luckily, it hasn't gone all superstar on us and still retains the laid-back vibes that location scouts were first attracted to.

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You may recognise the stylish interior of Hakkasan from the infamous scene in About A Boy where Hugh Grant's character Will comes clean about his real identity to Rachel Weisz. With its dark wood furnishings, dim lighting and air of intrigue, Hakkasan is often heralded as one of London's sexiest restaurants so it's no wonder that Will takes his date there for a trendy Chinese meal to soften the blow of his deceit.

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Ministry of Sound

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Not only is Ministry of Sound famous for being one of the powerhouses of the global dance music scene but it's also one of the most popular film set clubs in London and has made cameos in massive blockbusters such as The Dark Knight. Look out for the flashing lights of this super club as Batman gets into fisticuffs with some baddies and throws others over the club's railings onto the dance floor below.

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Dark, broody and very ominous, the opening scene of 1983 romantic horror film The Hunger shows a hypnotic performance by goth band Bauhaus intercut with scenes of vampire couple, David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve seducing victims in Heaven nightclub. Nowadays, the ambience is considerably lighter with bubbly pop music and the rainbow colours of the pride flag more likely to make an appearance.

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The Cuban

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So, The Cuban only makes a small debut in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels but it's a pretty cool one anyway. Head just past the entrance to Chalk Farm Road and you'll see the metal staircase that led up to the dope den where all the action of the film is unleashed. Now, it leads up to the toilets of the rather more exotic and upbeat Cuban bar.

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Ronnie Scott's

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As one of the oldest jazz clubs in the world that has hosted performances by huge players in the modern jazz and jazz fusion scene, Ronnie Scott's cameo in Get Him To The Greek is very fitting for a film which chronicles the career of British rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). The jazz club makes an appearance in the establishing shots when talent scout Aaron Green arrives in London.