Dalston Superstore London - DJ Bar Review

By Luke Sillett.

Late night partying, art exhibitions and a novelty-named-brunch menu - all under one roof? Oh you betcha. Dalston Superstore is located on the ever-bustling Kingsland Road and its trashy, cultural and fringe curation has been keeping the East London party scene dancing for the best part of a decade.

The Venue

The bar acts as an exhibition space, showcasing edgy works from local artists and beyond. The ground floor is laden with small tables and seating areas (which are pushed aside when the club nights get going) with a narrow bar running alongside the left hand side of the venue. But the real fun is going on sub-zero, in the basement. Room for DJs, disco mist, lazers and plenty of debauchery; Superstore’s basement is a good place to lose yourself for a few hours AND SOME.

Dalston Superstore

Superstore's exterior is as 'loud' as inside.

Atmosphere and Clientele

Though attracting a large amount of the trendier end of the LGBT crowd, the venue isn’t officially a gay bar; it operates as an open invite to anyone with an interest in good music, fashion and an alternative way of partying in London. Lively and unashamedly well dressed, there are always a good mix of fun-loving guests at any of the venue’s varied club nights.  A little bitchy, sure – but that’s just part of the charm.

Dalston Superstore

Dalston Superstore is one of East London's most renowned late night party palaces.

Food and Drink

Not as commonly known, Superstore also serves up a delicious food menu made up brunch items, homemade cakes and tasty burgers. “When Harry Met Salmon”, “Eggy Pop” and my personal favourite, “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” are just a few of the choices you’ll be welcomed with. Think homely, delicious and hangover appropriate food. With a wide range of beers, wines, shooters and a few cocktails thrown in for good measure, every taste is pretty much covered drinks-wise, too.

Dalston Superstore

Eat that, hangover!


Superstore are picky with their promoters, and it pays off. Their nights are cool, current and fresh – with the venue always looking for new ways to push the boundaries for their regular and new crowds. Brazen, fun and accepting – anything goes at Dalston Superstore.  (Just don't be put off by the queue!).