The Artesian Well - Review - 693 Wandsworth Road, Clapham, London

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The Artesian Well (click here)

693 Wandsworth Road, Clapham, London

Often touted as Lost Society's ugly sister, The Artesian Well has the unenviable location of being slap bang next door to one of Clapham's most popular night spots. I decided to oversee popular opinion and try out Artesian Well. 

We arrived at eleven and I was shocked by the queue: It was going round the corner and didn't seem to be moving too fast! So one tip is to definitely arrive around the 10 O'clock mark to guarantee entry and miss out on a long wait in the cold. 

The club / bar is difficult to describe - it has a fantasy / grecian feel and is inspired by Bachanalian revelry and the mysteries of alchemy! Downstairs is a secret cave of different rooms and different bars  and seating areas - although you will be lucky to nab one of these! The vibe is buzzy and busy with everyone there to indeed revel in "good times" and have fun. 

Head up the staircase to the club, which is like a large Georgian living room with all the furniture taken out. It really is like heading into a hedonistic party with people up on the tables and the window seats dancing the night away. The music is club classics, ibiza dance anthems and some recent guilty pleasure pop. Once again, it is busy up here so get ready to skwidge up to people you don't know and dance around like a maniac! 

Head up the mystical staircase again and arrive at another "living room" space. It is a bit more subdued up here with a few couches to rest your weary feet but the UK garage soundtrack ensured a lot of people were up dancing around, re-living their early 90s youth! 

The crowd is in its 20s and not pretentious or try-hard. The bar staff and bouncers are very friendly and allow you to forget your troubles and have a good time! One negative however is that the upstairs bars don't accept cards and the downstairs bar is very very busy so bring cash! Don't forget to bring cash!! The entry fee ranges from £5-£7 depending when you arrive. 

In summary, this is a busy busy club/bar, which I suppose is a good sign! If you are looking to have (quite) a few drinks, aren't claustrophobic and just want to dance your arse off until 3am then definitely try The Artesian Well - one of the best party spots in Clapham I'd say. But please arrive at 10 or before and take have been warned!!

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