Babel on Northcote Road is definitely one of Clapham Junction's hot spots, drawing young professionals from the area to have a good time. Always busy, I wandered down to see if Babel could win me over as easily as it'd won the other Clapham residents.

The Venue

Babel takes its inspiration from the translation of its name, meaning “the confusion of languages”. They have adopted this definition into the décor with a mixture of styles. Upon entering, you’ll notice it is set in a beautiful Victorian building but the interiors have been completely modernised; bold concrete pillars are combined with sleek furniture, in washed out colours, to give a very minimalistic contemporary feel.

A mixture of feature pieces tops the whole look off; expect 1950's lampshades hanging from the ceiling, a wall completely covered in mirrors and scattered plants, all giving Babel a fun and lively impression from the very outset of your visit.


The eclectic mix with the interior décor gives Babel a cool contemporary feel.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The atmosphere in Babel varies from night to night, but generally you’ll find it perfectly reflects the lively streets of Clapham Junction. During the week it is usually calmer; smaller groups or couples huddle up by tables for an intimate drink or meal, the dim candlelight creating a perfect setting.

Cool and chilled midweek, the weekend brings a much livelier vibe; by the time Fridays and Saturday come along, you’ll be lucky to find a spare table in this cool Clapham Junction hangout. Resident DJs play a mix of party tunes and turn Babel into a really fun atmospheric drinks spot. By the time 10pm hits Babel is positively bustling with the chatter and laughter of Clapham Junction's energetic bunch of trendy young professionals, getting ready for a wild night out.

babel review 2

Expect a chilled afternoon meal and drinks with on a calm afternoon at Babel.

The Food and Drinks

But Babel isn't just about drinking and dancing, they have a wide range of bar snacks and nibbles but also offer a selection of sandwiches, sharing platters, dinner classics and some creative juicy burgers. I had The CBA (chicken, bacon and avocado) burger, which was simply amazing. Two of my favourite things, chicken and avocado, put together in one, with the added salty touch of bacon, all perfectly prepared. And the chips... if you’re anything like me they won't last long and will be completely wiped off your plate, even though you thought you couldn't eat any more after the amazing burger!

Babel have a great selection of both wines and classic cocktails with a few signature concoctions of their own. I'd recommend the especially fantastic Champagne cocktails, which I can tell you certainly go down a real treat, with just the right amount of bubbly as not to overpower the drink.

babel review 3

Babel has a fully stocked bar with enough to keep you more that satisfied night and day.


The friendly and welcoming staff at Babel top everything off, making sure you’ll have a fun and enjoyable time. I would definitely recommend this Clapham Junction gem for anyone looking for a lively place to brighten up their night with good food, top quality drinks and great vibes!