The Folly London – Restaurant Bar Review

Published . By Rebecca O'Malley.

Awash with kitsch intricacies and gentle juxtaposition, The Folly is a welcome slice of twee amongst the hubbub of the City. Spying the infamous secret garden and twinkling fairy lights from the doors of Santander across the road, the draw of this magical kingdom of gastronomical wonder had grown too much; it was time to try it out for myself. 

The Venue:

The Folly finds itself perched among innumerable city bars, marking itself off from the rest through its unashamedly quaint interior and multifaceted personality. Twee aspects are juxtaposed with raw industrial pieces, ensuring that the space retains a modern edge, somewhat in line with its clientele. 

Perhaps most impressive is the attention to detail showcased at every juncture: every aspect of the venue's interior demonstrates a keen eye for detail, from the flower pot lampshades to the newspaper wrapping upon the table decorations. At its very essence, The Folly is nothing short of magical. 

The Folly London Review

The Secret Garden area offers a welcome retreat from the oft-evasive City streets. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele: 

Sitting pretty just a stones throw from Monument station, The Folly pulls in a sharp suited crowd of city slickers throughout the week, dropping by for a bite to eat and a beverage after hours. We arrive on a Wednesday night, and nestle ourselves between a potted tree clad with fairy lights and the main thoroughfare of the restaurant; quaint items and soft lighting complement the vibrant buzz of the restaurant, offering an atmosphere that is both peaceful and immersive. 

Our lovely waitress is both attentive and chatty, ensuring all of our needs are met quickly and our visit is enjoyed without any hiccups. Our orders arrive in good time, and at no point do we feel rushed; rather, the service contributes greatly to the relaxed buzz of the venue and ensures we feel at ease throughout our stay. 

The Folly Review London

Twee furnishings are juxtaposed with harsh, raw and industrial elements. 

The Food & Drink:

A quick browse of the menu and we are ready to order: a bottle of the house red to complement our Mediterranean flatbread sharing board, followed by a halloumi and humous burger and a fillet steak, both served with triple cooked chips, onion rings and a roasted mushroom. Although the dessert menu was undeniably impressive, my guest and I decide to opt for the boozy option; we decide on two Espresso Martinis, a delightful alternative to the often excessive desserts that follow a hearty meal. 

The Folly London Review

We swapped sweet for bitter, choosing the Espresso Martini over dessert. 


Covering a vast expanse of industrial city slick, and complementing itself sweetly with delicate intricacies and quaint oddities, The Folly offers the most charming juxtaposition I have seen in the City of London. Top class service, intricate decorative detailing and an impressive menu combine to create a magical space of wonder and relaxation, promising an evening of delight is enjoyed by all.