Proud Cabaret Camden Review Chalk Farm London

Proud in Camden Town, has for long been the pride of Camden. By day it is a cafe, gallery and a place to relax and at around 7.30pm Proud Camden transforms into a live music venue and club. Yes that is impressive, but it was the re-launch of Proud Cabaret Camden that blew my mind away and proved it deserves to be ranked amongst the best cabaret clubs in London. Proud Cabaret Camden in the South Gallery, not only serves fantastic food but a burlesque show which is hard to forget. I strongly recommend you go see this show, whether you'€™re a burlesque fan or just a commoner, like me. Proud Camden Cabaret is held from Wednesday to Saturday starting at 7pm.


Decor and Design

Enter into Proud Camden, the doorman opens the door on the left (South gallery) leading to the nostalgic world of a speakeasy 1920s bar. It is almost as if you are Owen Wilson in ‘’Midnight in Paris€™. The windows and walls are covered with red velvet curtains, the ceiling with silky oriental inpsired designs. The room is softly red-lit with sexy red candelabras and vintage Asian-inspired elegant lamps complimenting the art deco-style wallpaper and black leather booths. Paying more attention, you begin to notice the birdcages. In the centre of the stage area there is the handsome piano man, adding to the feel of a speakeasy. With the waitresses walking around in their stilettos and waiters in their vests all naughty-and gentleman-like, very much like the glamorous image we have of the 1920s, you almost forget you'€™re in London in 2012.

A wondeful burlesque and cabaret show at Proud Cabaret Camden

Clientele and Atmosphere

Honestly, I thought a cabaret wouldn't entertain me. To my surprise, the clientele was formed of equally men and women, all the way from 18 to 45 year olds: From students to professionals. One thing that unified the wide-range clientele was the easy-going and rather humorous atmosphere. Much of the crowd doubtfully knew much about burlesque at all, but have just come to have an alternative night out in London. Proud Cabaret Camden offers precisely that, in an unforgettable way. Fine dining with hysterical laughter and glamourous surrounds, what a hedonistic experience.

Captivating performances at Proud Cabaret Camden


Food and Drinks

With or without the burlesque, the food was mind-blowingly delicious. I had the Honey Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto with Feta, Sage and Endive. Mouth-melting, comforting and irresistibly creamy. Absolutely Orgasmic. My friend dining with me, described her Pan Fried Fillet Steak with Chauteaubriand Sauce served with Hand Cut Rosemary Chips pretty much with the same words as I did. Along with a couple of bottles of the house white wine and the fantastic show, we were very happy diners. If wine doesn't quite satisfy your needs, go for the speakeasy cocktails.


Entering into the South gallery, you see a piano man beautifully playing and singing some songs that at first you think you've never heard before. The piano man in the centre of the stage feels he€™s been taken straight out of a Fitzgerald novel, but sooner or later you'll be somewhat shocked when you notice that the songs are current commercial hits adapted to the 1920's; absolutely effortlessly and classy. Delightful.



Proud Cabaret Camden is not just a cabaret, it is an experience which I highly recommend anyone to sample for themselves, at least once. Perfect for something a little different in London, take a date, bring your mates, go on a hen-do and take it all in. Delectable dinner, fantastically funny and talented burlesque show and an atmosphere found nowhere else and then why not head to the Proud club afterwards to continue the night!


Budget: Happily affordable

Pre-design: Alternative night out in London, New experience with friends, Hen-Do Night Out

Service: 5/5