New bar spy - Dirty Liquor Bar

This New Bow Hotel Will Have a Karaoke Room And Pizza Restaurant

Dirty Liquor Bar

Last updated . By Georgia Evans.



It looks like E3 is getting the Dirty Liquor treatment, with an all new bar and hotel in the works. The secret project has popped up on social media feeds with little information.

What do we know? The East London bar aficionados have dropped a few hints, such as the promise of Sourdough Saloon. The Walthamstow face has become renowned for its fresh, homemade dough and drool-worthy crispy bases. Along with this, comes the promise of a quirky activity courtesy of Lucky Voice, who will be setting up a karaoke room for revellers to strut their stuff and unleash their inner divas.

While everything else is under wraps at this point, renovations are underway at the venue, which is perfectly perched in the heart of Mile End Park. Looking at Dirty Liquor’s other venues, such as The Lord Morpeth, The Tiger and Red Lion, we can guess that this will be a blend between old charm and modern accents to please the masses.