New bar spy - The Smokin' Bar

New BBQ restaurant The Smokin' Bar offers mouth-watering chicken wings and huge racks of ribs

The Smokin' Bar

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Early December

What they say:

American food is all about massive cuts of meat smoked for hours and slavered in BBQ sauce and finally we can get our fill in Leeds. The guys behind the Leeds Bierkeller Complex are opening a US site focusing on Old West cooking, with a contemporary twist. They’ll be taking out The World Bar from the complex –which used to deliver over 200 beers from around the world – but the consolation prize is a proper, authentic American experience inside.

What we say:

Everything you love about BBQ food can be found here. You can expect chargrilled steaks and wings covered in secret sauces, as well as big racks of ribs cooked for hours in their smokers. BBQ food is basically what the phrase is ‘mouth-watering’ is for. As for drinks, they’re sat next door to the freakin’ Leeds Bierkeller, so you'll probably still find hoppy goodness too.