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Ham & Friends couples bold flavours with a serene atmosphere in its Grand Arcade digs

Ham & Friends

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What they say:

Ham & Friends is a welcoming wine bar and restaurant that's set up shop in the heart of the Grand Arcade in Leeds. Simply decorated with exposed brick walls, mahogany furniture and plain colour tones, the venue instantly washes a fresh feeling over everyone that enters through the door. The big hitters here are, of course, the stunning flavours. Working perfectly with the impressive old and new world wines on offer, the restaurant serves guests a range of locally sourced cheese and cured meat dishes, sourced from farms across England. 

What we say:

There's no secret why wine bars and restaurants have all of a sudden been popping up across the UK. Perfect for both a chilled out date night or a relaxing meal with your mates, the bold flavours offer guests a chance to taste local produce at its very best. Ham & Friends fits nicely into this pattern. It's a given that the Yorkshire cheeses and cured meats on offer are incredibly fresh and works well with the constantly evolving wine menu. But we're most excited to see how the venue twists and flips what are otherwise traditional flavours on their head. Keep an ear out for the name, we're expecting big things.