Luscious Libations And Party Spirit Take Centre Stage At The Lost & Found

Published . By Georgia Evans.

I’ve never been to Leeds before, but I’ve heard it's one of the places to be when it comes to finding bustling nightlife in the North. From the moment I stepped off the train, the city had an undeniable buzz to it, and Greek Street was the centre of it all. Placed half-way down the road is a cocktail bar and restaurant of particular curiosity, The Lost & Found which prides itself on being whimsical and slightly avant-garde… so of course we were drawn to its Saturday night antics.

Lost & Found Interior | Leeds Restaurant Reviews | DesignMyNight

This pretty hideaway is the perfect setting for dinner and cocktails come Saturday night. 

The music was blaring, the heels were high and men in very skinny jeans had filled the entryway, so we knew the Saturday night action was in full swing. However, down the spiral staircase lay a cosy nook away from the crowds. The candlelit hideaway of wooden panelling had an open kitchen, quirky decor and a private bar. Nevertheless, the party was still present, as muffled pop bangers trickled through to create a fun yet laid-back feel.

As we scanned through the menu by candlelight, surrounded by buzzing groups of 20-somethings and couples on date nights, we decided to try out some of the bar’s famous cocktails. The Ms Victoria B. Darcy (£9.75) immediately grabbed my attention, with its use of Ms. Better's Bitter Miraculous Foamer. The result? A delicately floral yet fruity cocktail with a layer of aromatic foam, as promised. It provided an interesting contrast to my choice of starter, the bang bang cauliflower (£6.95) which certainly provided a pop of flavour with its sticky glaze accentuated with fresh slices of chilli.

Lost & Found Food | Leeds Restaurant Reviews | DesignMyNight

The chilli was satisfying but could've used a little extra pop of spice.  

I was hoping that the lively flavours of this dish would carry on through to the main course, but it didn’t quite live up to its predecessor. Even though the chipotle and quinoa chilli (£11) had a nice freshness with the fresh lime and creamy avocado, it could’ve used more smokiness, an extra oomph of spice and a healthy dose of chilli to really round it off. I’m a sucker for spices, so I like a good, mild sweat with a chilli. Nevertheless, the dish was satisfying overall, and the choice of quinoa instead of rice was a good idea as it avoided any sense of heaviness.

To wrap things up… a cocktail for the road? It’s always a hard one to turn down. Usually I’m a fan of an espresso martini to send me on my way, so I figured the bar’s signature take on the classic would be a good choice. The Mr Black Cocktail (£8.95) certainly delivered, and had a lovely depth from the coffee liqueur with a salted caramel sweetness that was the perfect dessert alternative.

Lost & Found Cocktails | Leeds Restaurant Reviews | DesignMyNight

The cocktails at Lost & Found were very impressive, with real depth of flavour. 

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The Lost and Found know how to provide the party when it comes to general vibe and moreish cocktails that pack a punch. The only improvement? Apply that same vivacity to all of the food offerings and guests will never want to leave.