New bar spy - Lost & Found Leeds Club

Leeds' second Lost & Found bar boasts scientific cocktails and a decadent secret den

Lost & Found Leeds Club

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What they say:

If there’s one thing we love more than secret bars, it’s bars with secrets. That’s what’s promised at The Lost and Found’s second Leeds venture: inside the Grade II listed Victorian building, you’ll find a secret den said to rival the opulence of Dorian Gray. The venue proper is just as lavish, with splashings of antique brass, velvet and leather furniture, and woven textures to evoke the sense of a by-gone, Victorian era. The bar will serve up a selection of scientific and botanical cocktails, whereas the food is predominately Italian. This venue will boast a new Josper grill, meaning steaks will be cooked over 400 degree coals and given a smokey edge.

What we say:

Each of the Lost and Found’s venues are based around the adventures of a Professor, and this is the first time that they’ve brought in a man. Professor Benedict Pike is a strange and adventurous person, which is something you can expect from his collection of cocktails. The menu is split between ‘Lost’ and ‘Found’ mixes, as well as cocktails dedicated to the professors. The cocktail that takes his namesake is said to be a particularly sweet offering. The Mr Benedict Pike is a blend of coffee-infused Markers Mark, Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth and Xocolati Mole & Aztec chocolate bitters.