New bar spy - Howl

Leeds finally has a rock and roll bar for all the punks, goths and alternative rockers


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Now Open

What they say:

Do you want to rock and roll all night? And party every day? Well, Leeds, it’s your lucky day because you’ve just found a place that can do both. Howl is the city’s newest rock ‘n’ roll bar and is meant to be a haven for all the punk rockers, goths and alternative freaks. Expect to find walls covered in musical memorabilia, a giant cross hanging from the ceiling and all the alternative tunes you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in the area. But if you don’t identify with any of those groups, don’t worry – we hear they let everyone in.

What we say:

While music is at the core of Howl, it isn’t the only string to their, uh, guitar. For example, they also love a good beer, with everything from Brooklyn Lager to Robinson’s Trooper – a beer specifically brewed for metal legends Iron Maiden – on the taps. Whiskey and a growing collection of other spirits populate the backbar, and if you’re feeling peckish, they’re even happy to let you bring some food from their neighbours in. With a late license (5am at the weekends!) and a willingness to accept song recommendations (in a music bar!?), you actually do have time to rock and roll all night - and every day.