New bar spy - Bamboo Door

Mr Nobody has been replaced with Leeds' latest Tiki bar

Bamboo Door

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What they say:

It was a sad day when Mr Nobody closed last month, but when the bar gods shut a door, they open a window to another country. At least, that’s the goal with Bamboo Door, Leeds’ newest Tiki bar. The guys behind Mr Nobody have changed tack, opening the second venue of the same name after the success of the first one in Sheffield, bringing a bar awash with bamboo shoots, tropical plants and cocktails served from a straw hut. You won’t need to book your Polynesian holiday after all.

What we say:

If you’re going to escape to a tropical island, the obvious drink of choice is rum. Luckily, they have it by the bucket loads, offering it up (amongst other spirits) in over 25 different cocktails. Served in Polynesian pots, the menu lists everything from classics like Mai Tai’s to the titular Bamboo Door, made from Ron Zacapa 23 rum, apple, pineapple, lemon and salted caramel. But these Hawaiian shirt-clad mixologists won’t just hand over drinks: there’s also a selection of burgers, bar sharers like nachos and coconut shrimp, and rum-laced desserts.