Sending emails to your customers

Click the "Send email" button at the bottom of the pop up screen. This will take you to your emailing module.

Firstly remember to click a "type" of email.

Confirmation - Confirmation email to the customer, automatically personalised and pulls through all the details of the booking including; date, time, until, map, packages and pre-orders, deposits paid

Cancellation - Cancellation email to the customer, just confirming that the booking has been cancelled. You don't need to add anything to this email as it automatically explains to the customer that the booking is cancelled.

General - General email has no fixed header so is essentially a blank template 

Secondly you can add a pre-set email template to your email.

At the top of each email, before the booking details, there can be an Important Info box, which is where your email template will appear. Whether this be your terms and conditions or anymore info you want your customer to read. 

Thirdly you can add attachments to your email.

The attachments box pulls through the attachments you have uploaded to your attachment bank. Start typing in the name of the attachment and you will see it appear in the drop down. Select it and then it will appear as a tag next to the box. This shows it will be sent with your email. You can attach as many as you want. Please note not to send huge attachments in your emails as these can get blocked by spam filters

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