Adding internal or run sheet notes to a booking

Click on the "Notes" section.

"Run sheet notes" is where you can put notes that will appear on the run sheet for the night. Think of this as an "order of play for the night". 

Eg. Canapes to be served from 7pm with champagne. Buffet to be served from 8pm. Its a surprise birthday party so grab wife, Sue at 9pm to bring in the cake for the birthday boy, Jack.

Run sheet notes can be edited by clicking the pencil icon or re-ordered by clicking the up or down arrows.

"Internal notes" is where you can make all your notes about the booking that the customer will never see. Think of this as your new pen and paper. The great thing about making all your notes here is, any other member of your team can log in and deal with the booking and see all your notes about the booking 

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