Drawing your floorplan

Booking Rules section

Click "Venues"

Select your venue

Click on "Floor plans" tab at the top

Click "Add Another"

If you have multiple Zones set up already for your venue you can select a Zone and draw out only the tables in that Zone

Click "Add Table" then click on the square shape to get editing it

You can then:

> Rotate the shape

> Assign a shape to a table/area name 

> Change the shape from a rectangle to a circle

> Change the sizes of the shape by changing the height and width

> Drag the shape around the screen to place it

NOTE: You can only do all this when you have first clicked on the shape you are looking to edit/move

> If you have a lot of tables that are the same shape/size, once you have created one, you can click the table then click "DUPLICATE" button which will create a copy of that shape for you

 > You can also add "walls" or "non-table shapes" to create divides in your venue. Select "Add Shape" and then change the shape as you wish and drag around the floor plan and you can add a name to it "Toilet" or "Bar" etc.. in the "Shape Text" box

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