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Britain's Largest Pancake House to Open in Glasgow

Stack & Still

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Now Open

The UK's largest pancake house is set to open in Glasgow next month, Stack & Still will offer over 10 million different pancake combinations, along with the city's first self-dispense bar.

Catering to every dietary requirement under the sun, Stack & Still will offer buttermilk, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, buckwheat and protein pancakes, all to be served with sweet or savoury topping of your choosing, how good does pulled pork and chorizo and whiskey maple glaze sound? How about Nutella and mascarpone with toffee sauce? There's also bottomless brunch for those of you who like a challenge.

Drinks will be coming from the self-dispense bar stocking 16 beers, ales, ciders, prosecco and coffee. There is even a maple-based drinks menu featuring cocktails such as the buttermilk gin flip and the smoked maple and bacon old fashioned, alongside classic cocktails, wine and soft drinks.