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Absurd Bird Is Launching Its First Scottish Location In Glasgow City Centre

Absurd Bird Glasgow

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What they say:

Following successful launches in London, Leeds, Exeter and Bath, Absurd Bird have set their sights on Glasgow for their first Scottish opening. Located in Nelson Mandela Place, customers will find a hefty selection of chicken-based dishes, from roasts and burgers, to waffles and wraps. The venue will also serve up a cool and quirky range of cocktails, many featuring the brand's homemade moonshine.

What we say:

The sixth location from Absurd Bird, this quirky chicken restaurant in Glasgow city centre is set to take Scotland by storm, in a flurry of wings, waffles and cocktails. Setting up shop in Nelson Mandela Square, it's going to have quite the pull on hungry shoppers as it unleashes a torrent of chicken and cocktails, alongside roasts, and bird burgers. There's even an Absurd Fondue that sees a giant helping of melted cheese accompanied by buffalo sliders, chicken tenders and vegetable dippers ready for submerging.