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New restaurant makes tasty cocktails and cuisine for all diets

Five March

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What they say:

A place for friends, food, wine and mezcal, Five March is a restaurant bar that cares about locally and ethically sourced food. The venue is run by Joanna Nethery and Kevin Small, former employees at Admiral Bar and Distill bar respectively. The goal is to provide a variety of quality options for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions. This means diners can order everything from duck with pumpkin to wild mushrooms with chilli and garlic. Even the bar offers organic drinks including a great selection of vegan and Mediterranean wines, and fruity cocktails such as a pleasant tequila and pink grapefruit option. Best of all, eating a proper meal here won't cost an arm and a leg with filling meals starting at just £4.

What we say:

There's a million and one places to grab great food and drink, but not nearly as many that put additional care into where those tasty offerings are coming from. Five March takes on the challenge of doing both, and does it with ease. With locally sourced food and options for both meat and meatless eaters – and everyone in between – no one can feel left out. Best of all it's happily affordable, making it just as happily enjoyable.