DesignMyNight Awards Winners 2014/15

Glasgow's your golden gal when it comes to guzzling, but who would you crown its hedonistic heroes? After a wide spread public vote and some pretty interesting picks, the numbers were finally counted, and the cocktail and clubbing cannoodlers can finally don their jewels. Check out who bagged an award in this year's DesignMyNight Awards 2014/15 and let us praise them, like we should. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

One of Ashton Lane's biggest babes, never a sight did you see quite like the garden at Brel. Brimming with night lights, botanical nooks, fairy lights and heated, covered areas, Brel has any and all natural hankerings covered. A premium plot for drinks outside, and heralded for its charming atmosphere, we've started a love affair with Brel and so did you. Voting in Brel as the Best Outdoor Space.

A lush palace of entertainment and eccentric cocktails, Riding Room ran the concoction rat race and won. Snagging our Best Cocktail Bar courtesy of a bustling vote, Riding Room not only boasts cutesy decanters, garish cocktail names and swooning bartenders, you can sup on these sweet treats alongside evenings of burlesque and cabaret entertainment. 

If you say you like music, play music or once even owned a CD, you'll know of King Tut's. One of the only places for bands to be spotted in Glasgow, Tut's tote some of the best live music pickings in the city, with everyone from big names to indie game changers gracing their stage. Oh, and did we forget to mention, they've snagged this award two years in a row!

Garden guzzling, there's nothing us Glaswegians love more. So when it came to crowning Best Beer Garden, it looks like like you folks had only the one place in mind. Giving over the gong to West Brewery, this brilliant beer garden snagged the award for their stellar views, sunshine spaces and cracking craft beer accompaniments to boot. At a brewery.

You've seen The Big Lebowski and seemingly loved it (as all good guys and gals do), as one of Glasgow's most prominent haunts takes home the award for Most Inventive Cocktail Menu. A must-try destination for those with a hankering for White Russians, the Lebowski menu has over 20 of these neat liquor laden treats to choose from, with no two White Russians the same.

Best Bar - Chinaskis

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Rocking a cracking name after Charles Bukowski's alter ego, Glasgow has been suitably persuaded by the speakeasy sly of Chinaskis. Boasting chow with an American slant, a bar back brimming with world renowned bourbon and an ever so broody edge, this hedonistic inspired haven came up trumps, nabbing this year's Best Bar in the DesignMyNight Awards.

Proud purveyors of all things pop-up dining in Glasgow, not only do Section 33 boast over 30 years of experience under their foodie belts, they've now got a DesignMyNight gong too. Racing ahead of the events crowd with their unique locations, must-try menus and seriously fine fare, here's hoping for another dose of Section 33 this year in the city, as we're feeling pretty hangry.

Contemporary interiors, brimming booths, multiple party spaces and a cracking list of cocktails. Let's be honest, if you were going to vote in anyone for Best Party Bar this year, it was going to be Hummingbird. Brimming with a hot to trot crowd every weekend, Hummingbird is a premium destination for all your party hankerings, our award voters say so.

If you want it, Hillhead Bookclub have likely got it. Not only are they toting some of the most grandiose innards in the city, they're now toting a DesignMyNight Award under their belts as they take home the coveted Best All-In-One Venue gong. Whether you're tucking into a taste of Ball Drag Bingo, supping on a cool collection of cocktails or enjoying a DJ night, they're a neat bag of tricks.

Curler's Rest, you cuddly wee, award winning nook. Doing boozers proud with their classic penchant, Curler's Rest is a pub that Glasgow can truly be proud of. From their classic ale collection and roaring fireplace, to brimming pub grub and ever charming service, we fancy that some of you would like to move in here, if you didn't have to be all adult and own a house and that.