Electronic Music Clubs in Glasgow

Glasgow is a proverbial powerhouse of dance music. From the techno DJs and the house labels, to the stomping nightclubs that support them. So when it comes to electronic music clubs in Glasgow, this city has some of the best in the country. Thumping soundsystems, cracking talent, the ability to cater for every niche from dub to disco, and some of the best visiting acts in the world. Check out our guide to EDM clubs in Glasgow. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

Sub Club

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Sub Club is possibly the most famous EDM club in Glasgow, and certainly one of the most renowned in the UK. This little basement rave den is home to some of the finest residents in the city, who kick of the wildest parties every week and every month. From the world's longest running underground house session, SubCulture, to one cool student EDM party, Sub Rosa, the likes of local legends the psych-tastic Optimo, or Friday night fun providers, Return to Mono; Sub Club offers the most stomping selection of electronic dance music in Glasgow. End of. 

The Berkeley Suite

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The Berkeley Suite is a beautiful secret club in Glasgow, hidden behind the facade of a fake pawn shop. Inside this prohibition party spot are some of the wildest dance sessions in Glasgow, catering for every manner of niche scene, from dub step to disco catered for in its regular nights. An atmospheric ballroom like setting, and one mightily friendly crowd, make this a discerning hideaway from the madness of other EDM clubs in Glasgow. 

La Cheetah

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La Cheetah is a hot little basement party palace that throws some pretty stellar, if sporadic, dance sessions. While La Cheetah doesn't open on regular nights, it has established a few monthly or bi-monthly residencies, as well as getting its name out there as the home to rather special and unique sets. From big name DJs looking for an intimate EDM club in Glasgow, to niche acts hoping to show what they've got, if you're looking to catch something a little different from the decks, La Cheetah is the electronic dance music club night for you.