6 Quirky Dishes To Try In Glasgow

Added on . By Faith Strickland.

From whisky distilleries in the Highlands through to haggis and shortbread, Scotland has given the world many culinary gifts. But sometimes it’s time to try something new. Fortunately, we live in a city of innovators - where would we be without the man who invented the fried Mars Bar, someone who shall go into the annals of history for his contribution to the world of eating. The city’s chefs haven’t let his mammoth achievements scare them, instead they’ve come up with new foodie treats which are in equal parts delicious and quirky - here are 6 unusual dishes you need to try in Glasgow.

The Bru Boy Grilled Sandwich at Bloc+

The OTHER national drink, Irn-Bru’s nuclear-waste-like orange glow and mad sugar hit has saved us from blinding hangovers and picked us up when low. How it hasn’t been used in a dish yet is a scandal. Bloc+ has done what the country has been begging for and slapped the brew in a sarnie. Head to the live music spot on Bath Street to sink your gnashers into a toasted monster of slow-cooked Irn-Bru pulled pork, mature Scottish cheddar and a spicy Irn-Bru sauce.

Irn Bru toastie at Bloc+

Irn-Bru isn't just for hangovers - it's also great plastered in a toastie.

Buckfast Burgers at Birdtree and Bellfish

Buckfast may be more associated with the sweet days of our teens and getting legless in the local park but Birdtree and Bellfish have put the class back into the tipple. Forget heading down the offie for a cheeky bottle, the restaurant have used the fruity little number to create a delicious suace. Using venison to create a patty, chefs then smother the meaty goodness with the Buckfast sauce and serve it alongside thick-cut chips and crunchy salsa.

Buckfast burger at Birdtree and Bellfish

Forget fourteen-year-olds, Buckfast is perfect for a swanky meal out.

Kangaroo Haggis, Crocodile croquettes and Zebra Spring rolls at Khublai Khans

Technically three quirky dishes to try in Glasgow, but Khublai Khans have upped the ante on unusual plates. Forget about your standard kebab and chips, this Mongolian BBQ spot has shipped in meat from around the world for you to try. Croquettes are jazzed up with crocodile meat and served with a sweet chilli plum sauce, spring rolls stuffed with zebra, and haggis minced from kangaroo. If that's not quirky enough for you, try one of the restaurant’s bushtucker trials which involves a platter of insects and grubs.

Bushtucker trial at Khublai Khans

Are you brave enough to try the bushtucker trial at Khublai Khans?

Candy Floss Shake at Black Vanilla

Looking like something dreamt up in a mad Willy Wonka crack den, the Candy Floss Shake at Black Vanilla has enough sugar to induce a coma. The drink is served with a whacking lump of candyfloss, jelly beans, fruit syrup and sweets sticking out. Find the dessert den on Duke Street, and if you’ve still got room, try one their other milky concoctions such as the Nutella Surprise (spoiler: there’s A LOT of Nutella) or The Millionaire Shake which has pieces of Millionaire shortbread lumped in.

Candy Floss Milkshake at Black Vanilla

With sweeties, syrups and cream, The Candy Floss Shake at Black Vanilla is the stuff of dreams.

Haggis Pizza at Republic Bier Halle

Ramsay butchers have been in the haggis-making business for more than 150 years meaning they know a thing or two about meaty goodness. What better way to gorge on the iconic Scottish food than by slapping it on a pizza? And that’s exactly what Republic Bier Halle over on Gordon Street have done with their Ramsay’s Haggis Pizza - a wonder of mozzarella, tomato and haggis. Even better, the pizzas are 241 throughout the week and they have a massive selection of beer.

Haggis Pizza at Bier Halle

Pizza makes everything better - especially when it's piled with haggis. 

Deep Fried Cheesecake at Bar Gumbo

Cheesecake is delicious. Deep frying food is delicious. Bar Gumbo have done the logical thing and deep fried an entire slab of cheesecake for your consumption. The battered beauty comes with a hearty scoop of ice-cream to ensure total gluttony. If big and dirty if your preferred style, this American number also serves up sides of Cajun-style food, swinging live bands and a cute little cocktail list.

Bar Gumbo Fried Cheesecake

The dessert you never knew you needed - deep fried cheesecake and ice cream.