Glasgow Bar Bucket List

If you only had one night in Glasgow, where would you go? What would you do? And who would you spend it with? Well we hope we all have many more great nights out in Glasgow, but just in case some sort of zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or giant asteroid should occur, we've made a try-before-you-die Glasgow bar bucket list. Each one is special for its own reason, so make sure you tick each one off your list... before it's too late. 

Hillhead Bookclub

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Hillhead Bookclub is definitely one for your Glasgow bar bucke tlist. Okay, so its hipster status makes this a divisive one, but these no denying the old school cinema turned too-cool bar, with all its menu quirks and decor oddities, is beautiful, whimsical, and worth every Glaswegian's attention, at least once.