Best Bars in Glasgow to Break Up in

Breaking-up is never easy, but we're here to try and lighten the load. While there's never a good time, or place to have your heart broken, a carefully selected venue could make the process a whole helluva lot easier. Whether you need somewhere quiet to have a heart to heart, or somewhere busy where you can avoid a big barny, we've got just the place. Let your beau down easy, in our pick of the best bars in Glasgow to break up in. Just be gentle, yeah?

Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow

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Waxy O'Connors, is a sprawling, bustling Irish bar in Glasgow, and a great option for a break up bar in Merchant City. With it's three floors there are lots of nooks and crannies for a quiet conversation, but it's bustling enough that's there's plenty of people around if it starts to get heated. Should you need to make a run for it, it's also a big enough bar that there's plenty of places to hide from an unsuspecting ex. 

Merchant Square

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Do you think your other half won't take your break up very well? Perhaps they'll throw a scene. You need to choose a bar to break up in, with plenty of witnesses. That's why we recommend Merchant Square, with so many bars to chose from, there are plenty of options, and with open plan balconies overlooking the square, there will be plenty of people around to keep your ill-mannered new ex at bay. 

The Old Hairdresser's

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If you're looking for a discreet bar to break up in in Glasgow, The Old Hairdresser's is the perfect place. Not only is the a cool central Glasgow bar, but in the early evening it's nice a quiet, the perfect place for a deep and meaningful, without being disturbed by loud music or boisterous punters. It's down a quiet lane too, so you can take a minute to pull yourself together before you head back out into the bustle of the City Centre.