Bars with Wow Factor in Glasgow

Glasgow has a lot of bars; some nice, some not-so-much, and some with serious, Wow Factor. You know the type of bars we're talking about; the ones you walk into and end up paying more attention to the decor than your drink. Glasgow certainly has a few bars with mega wow factor, from the cool and quirky, to the downright beautiful. Here are our picks of stunning bars with wow factor that are guaranteed to have you head over heels. Just remember to look down once in a while, we wouldn't want you to walk into anything. 

Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow

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Waxy O' Connors is a Glasgow bar boasting three floors of superb craftsmanship. The sprawling Irish pub is covered from floor to ceiling with exquisite carpentry, shooting and spreading out like an ancient tree.  Elements of church decor at to the fairytale feel of this bar with stained glass, old lanterns hanging about, and a stone features. A really special bar in Merchant City, and a definite candidate for bars with wow factor in Glasgow. 

Ubiquitous Chip

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From the outside, Ubiquitous Chip is a large, white, old fashioned building, which is nice enough, but step inside and you'll realise why this has made our list of bars with wow factor in Glasgow. The interior is stunning; sprawling greenery and plants all around the restaurant, a mezzanine dining level, home to their brasserie, looking down on the fine dining area and a rooftop bar with beautiful views over Glasgow's West End. Who knew that all this was hiding in a bar on Ashton Lane?

WEST On The Green

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West Brewery has certainly got the goods to make our list of bars with wow factor in Glasgow. This working brewery and bar in the East End, is set in one of Glasgow's most protected buildings, the beautiful Templeton Carpet factory building. The stunning piece of Victorian archetecture was modelled on Doge's Palace in Venice and within its walls carpets were created for the Taj Mahal, The White House and the Houses of Parliament. Lovingly restored, the beer hall, which overlooks some of the brewhouse, marries modern elements with the beauty of the building, making this one of the most impressive locations in Glasgow for a pint. 

Super luxe surroundings in the middle of Glasgow's Merchant City, The Corinthian prides itself on before the premier bar with wow factor in Glasgow. With a dome that reaches to the heavens, throne-like seating and ornate fixtures and features, Teller's Bar @ The Corinthian Club is the perfect place to impress your date or to feel like a VIP for the day. Don't worry if you get carried away gazing around the room; chances are, everyone else in the bar will be busy taking in the surroundings as well.


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Hummingbird is a boutique style bar  with wow factor in Glasgow's City Centre. The Bath Street bar is set over multiple levels, all with their bespoke look and vibe. The main bar has a pearly backdrop that looks almost like a clam shell, the mezzanine has cool basket seats, the Glitter Room is, well, glittery, and the Penthouse looks like a millionaires billiard room - close your mouth and stop gawping, this place is cool. 

Hillhead Bookclub

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It may not be a flashy, all-singing, all-dancing bar, but it still a bar with wow factor and then some. Hillhead Bookclub looks like something from a bygone era, an old converted theatre brimming with gramophones, mismatched seating and vintage bits and bobs scattered around the whole bar. It's quirky and decorated beautiful, and it has lavished corniced ceilings that go on forever almost like sitting in your granny's house - if your granny hung out with Gatsby and lived in a cinema. 


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It may not look all that special from the outside, but like they say, never judge a book by its cover, or a bar for that matter. Once you've made your way inside, you'll probably agree that Arta borders on over-the-top at times, but there's no doubting that this is a Merchant City bar with wow factor. The decor has been modelled on something out of ancient Rome, with big candles and cherub statues dotted around the bar - and of course, the indoor courtyard, with its very own Romeo and Juliet balcony. Arta brings a slice of the Mediterranean to Glasgow and they do it with style.