Add the DesignMyNight ticket shop to your Facebook page

1. Log in with Facebook1. Log in with Facebook 2. Add to Facebook page2. Add to Facebook page 3. Done3. Done

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1. Log in with Facebook

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2. Add to Facebook page

Hi, {{ }}.

Click on 'Add to my Facebook Page' to select the Facebook page to add events to.

Fig. To add to your page, select from the drop down. If you can't see the page, the ticket shop has either been added or you don't have permission to manage that page

2. Add to Facebook page

Enter the id of the DesignMyNight page you want to add

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Fig. To find your event brand Id DesignMyNight > admin > Event brand > Event brand Id

3. Done

Added to Updated Facebook page {{page.fbPageName}} | View page | View Ticket Shop

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