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Creative Pizza Restaurant Launches In The West End


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What they say:

Refusing to follow the crowd, this new Italian eatery in the West End sets itself apart from most restaurants in almost every way. Pizzas are at the discretion of the customer, in that you can build your own dream dinner from a huge list of toppings, sauces and garnishes. The pizzas are made right in front of you by a team of talented and ludicrously cool staff and cooked for just 90 seconds before landing on your plates. The interiors are inviting and creative, a mix of casual neighbourhood eatery and Andy Warhol's Factory. The brand takes a noble attitude to towards its staff, refusing zero-hours contracts and paying nothing below the living wage. It takes a similar stance on the local community, pledging to help out local causes however it can.  

What we say:

The latest restaurant to join Edinburgh's West End, this quirky and creative pizza joint is doing anything but playing by the rules. Starting with their Subway-style kitchen, where your pizza is prepared fresh before your eyes, the thin-base pizzas are flash cooked for just 90 seconds. While there is a small menu of ready-to-make pizzas, the joy of this place is the 'build-your-own' element where customers can design their dinner from a list of ingredients. If that weren't enough to recommend it, the restaurant is also dedicated to paying the living wage and eschewing zero-hour contracts to better support their staff members, and also pledges to help local community causes however it can. With delicious food and an even more refreshing attitude, this radical pizza brand is as good for the soul as it is for the stomach.