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Famous Steak Restaurant Gaucho Opens in Edinburgh

Gaucho Edinburgh

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What they say:

London's famous Gaucho restaurant has been popping up across the country and its next destination is Edinburgh. Opened on St Andrew's Square, the restaurant is all sorts of plush, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, leather seats and huge wine racks. The food menu consists largely of steaks sourced from Argentina, along with a selection of ceviche, and more than 200 types of Argentine wine.

What we say:

With free-to-roam Argentine-sourced beef, more than 200 types of wine and an upmarket vibe, Gaucho looks set to emulate its success in Edinburgh. The chain has been spreading its wings and opening in various cities across the UK, and for the first Scottish outpost, there is a generous selection of whisky. The menu includes items such as grilled swordfish steak, sweet potato risotto and, of course, plenty of steak cuts.