A Night Of Glitz And Glam At Le Monde 2.0

Situated in a prime spot on the upmarket George Street, Le Monde has a reputation that's never really wavered. A glamorous destination for any night out, the striking piano bar recently underwent a million-pound renovation. Gone are the OTT chandeliers, purple uplighters and overall feel of excess... this is something much more sleek.

Le Monde Edinburgh

Contemporary... chic... Instagram, eat your heart out.

Light and bright, even in the evening, the new-look Le Monde boasts an elegant colour palette, lush textures and a stunning central bar - the semi-circular marble Champagne bar is really something special. It’s a feast for the eyes, still wonderfully glam but in a far more relaxed way; with shades of sapphire blue, pale gold and rose quartz alongside marble galore.

Whilst Le Monde is home to a bar, restaurant and hotel, it’s most often thought of by locals as a place to go for Champagne or cocktails with some nibbles to share - so that’s exactly what we sampled during our visit. A standout dish, croquettes (£6) were perfectly crispy, filled with just the right amount of manchego and provided a soft chorizo heat, with a burnt pineapple and chilli ketchup to gently spice things up further

Le Monde Edinburgh

When it comes to cocktails, Le Monde isn't messing about.

The king prawns (£7) were another winner; absolutely huge, incredibly juicy and smothered in a delicious paprika-garlic tang. We also loved the flank steak strips (£11), which were hefty in size, cooked to a perfectly pink medium-rare and came with a rich chimichurri dipping sauce. Alongside it, a wonderfully sweet yet sour Saintoge Sidecar (£11) for each of us; an homage to the traditional cocktail, but with a tequila, orgeat and Champagne twist.

All too often, plant-based food falls by the wayside when it comes to flavour, but the dishes we chose were thoughtfully created and presented. Incredibly tasty, the moreish grilled aubergine (£4.50) came packed with a vibrant red pepper pesto. We finished off with a velvety espresso martini (£9.50); an impressive take on the timeless drink and definitely one of the best that we've had in the city.

Le Monde Edinburgh

Shades of rose and sapphire shine bright in Le Monde's grown-up makeover.

The DesignMyNight Digest

If you’re expecting OTT glitz from a night at Le Monde, leave your preconceptions at the door. This updated hotspot is still one of the more sparkling destinations that Edinburgh has to offer, but with an elegant sheen that makes it feel more modern and sophisticated than ever before. Whether you're after date night drinks of an evening with the girls, this is the ideal spot. We'll see you at the bar.