Bull In A China Shop Drunken Monkey bull-doze their way to a second, whisky supping Shoreditch site
196 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6LG

What they say:

You may have dabbled in dim-sum at Drunken Monkey, but the dapper chappers behind this oriental Shoreditch treat are shacking up shop at a new Shoreditch plot, as Bull In A China Shop comes calling. Boasting intrinsically industrial and artistic interiors from Cereal Killer designer Sara Lewin, a 40 strong restaurant and 30 strong cocktail bar, this pub conversion is set to be brimming with Eastern eatings. Guests can not only gorge on Japanese whiskies the likes of Karuizawa and breakfast over Lap Chung bao buns, there's a three course menu and black charcoal brioche chicken burger to tuck into too. 

What we say:

If any of you witnessed the shrill cry of the internet when Burger King released their black bun burger last year, news of the black charcoal burger at Bull In A China Shop may also linger strong in your mind. With their dribble worthy dinner doings looking to quench all Eastern pangs, and cocktails the likes of their 'Bos Taurus' brimming with Asian sliced pears, maple syrup and Nikka whisky, I've high hopes for this strong new Shoreditch contender.