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Sourdough Woodfired Pizzas Find Their Home in Bristol's City Centre


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Late 2018

What they say:

Two Pizzarovas aren't enough to satisfy Bristol's ever-hungry pizza enthusiasts. Pizzarova started out as a mobile shipping container serving sourdough slices around the city before opening their first restaurant and Wapping Wharf crate. Now, they are expanding to a second permanent venue in the city centre. Their doughy creations are amplified with toppings like chilli, feta, and chorizo as well as vegan and gluten-free options. Since 2013, they have been delivering quality, cheesy goodness from their ovens. Always appreciated is their active social media which gives their loyal customers a chance to get their hands on a free pizza on Fridays.

What we say:

Looking to bring an end to the recent closures on Park Street, Pizzarova look to revive the space as they bring their popular pizzeria to town. Already a revered site for getting your pizza fix, the restaurant will bring woodfired, sourdough slices even closer to their customers. Craft beers, garlic bread, and dips are always an option, or necessity, too. Pizzarova's new move might be into much bigger territory than they're used to, but luckily you can never get enough pizza (especially if you're lucky enough to win one of their pink cards for free slices anytime).