Top 10 Places to Take Your Boyfriend in Brighton

He might accidentally forget to put the toilet seat back down from time to time; he does prefer to watch the football for a couple of hours on a Saturday rather than accompanying you on your walk with the dog; oh yeah, and there was that one time when he rolled up the car windows so that you could "appreciate the stench" of his flatulence - that was quite questionable to be fair - but c'mon, you love him. Whilst 'Netflix and Chill' has served you well in your post summer holiday blues, it's time for you and your man to go on a proper date again. Here are our top 10 places to take your boyfriend out in Brighton. 

With a considerable collection of karaoke classics combined with a cracking selection of cool contemporary cocktails, when are you gonna get better opportunity to ply your man with alcohol before getting him to finally do the 'Whole New World' duet with you!? Take a magic carpet ride to Lucky Voice - a great venue to take your boyfriend on a night out in Brighton. 

The Lion and Lobster

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£20 Set menu 2 courses: and 2 other offers

Why not go back to basics with date night? Homemade pizza, real beer and cosy surroundings. If that sounds like something your man would enjoy, take him to The Lion and Lobster - a pub renowned for it's great grub, cosy nooks and traditional interiors. With three bars, two gardens and a regency restaurant, you can end the night of with a game of hide and seek in this sizeable venue. A charming, traditional pub to take your boyfriend out in Brighton. 

BYOC Brighton

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Planning a cocktail night around yours is always an exciting idea - you get to compile all of your potions, tonics and bitters in preparation for your big night in. But when it comes to whipping up your concoctions, it never really goes to plan. After spending 10 minutes ferociously shaking up that old fashioned, more often than not, what you're left with is far more likely to be a repetitive strain injury rather than any type of half-decent tasting cocktail. Bring your own booze down to BYOC Brighton and have your own mixologist do all of the hard work whilst you and your boyfriend reap all of the rewards (and hangovers). Frugal AF.

Brighton Rocks Bar

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Not really one for pizazz? Brighton Rocks Bar is the venue to take your boyfriend out in Brighton. Warm your cockles with a hearty Sunday roast before snuggling up on the cosy chesterfield loungers by the bar for a cocktail or two. Before the nights over, make sure you huddle up with your man around the roar of the open fireplace to keep nice and toasty. After all, winter is coming. 

Any food in the form of tapas is a great idea for a date night - you can pick at each others dishes as well as doing that 'cute' thing where you assure your boyfriend that he should "have the last piece" (when deep down you're tensing every gland and muscle in your being to ensure that you don't drool all over the plate before slapping that last vol au vent out of his hand and swallowing it whole). But beyond all of the cutesy stuff that a tapas date usually entails, Señor Buddha adds an extra twist -  every dish is daringly experimental. Share your thoughts on what works over a glass a wine. 


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If your relationship with your boyfriend is the type where you don't mind undoing your jean button in front of him before rolling up your sleeves and unapologetically planting your entire face into a into a juicy burger (oozing with a multitude of sauces and cheeses), not only have you found yourself a keeper, but you should both head on over to MEATliquor, ASAP! This American-inspired burger joint unashamedly endorses the carnivorous nature of man - watch yours in action.  

It doesn't have to be hard to make time to spend with your boyfriend. For a light lunch date, head over Fourth and Church - a bistro cafe and food shop based in the heart of Hove. Offering a range of delectable locally-sourced food - cured meats, artisan cheeses and fresh pâtés - you'll be spoilt for choice in this endearing eatery. And if you don't have to head back to work, treat yourself to a glass of wine or two - all of which is sourced from Henry Butler (of Butlers Wine Cellar) a local, independent merchant.  


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Enjoy a night with your boyfriend (and try to contain that laugh-snort thing that you accidentally do sometimes) as the comedians of Komedia put on a hilarious show at this historical venue. Oh yeah, and if an Italian proverb is to be believed, "laughter makes good blood", so don't feel so bad when you're toting a pint of cider in one hand and a burger in the other during the show. It's now a balanced diet. 

Bar Valentino

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Want something a little more chic? Take your man to Bar Valentino - a venue with a flagrantly romantic atmosphere. Snuggle up for smooches on the sleek leather sofa whilst sampling the extensive list of cocktails on offer. If it's a nice enough day, order a bottle of prosecco and head to the Bar Valentino terrace for a beautiful Brighton view - there aren't many better places to be when the sun is out. An ideal venue for a romantic date with your boyfriend in Brighton.