Speakeasy Bars in Brighton

Find retreat from the long arm of the law as you sup away on perfectly crafted cocktails at our top choices for speakeasy bars in Brighton. Unbeknown to the majority of Brighton's bar crawlers, these secret watering holes offer an oasis of calm away from the boozy build up on the main drags of our fair seaside town; a throwback to the days of Prohibition, where illicit alcohol consumption and other such debauchery would take place away from the prying eyes of the law, Brighton's speakeasy bars transport you to another world of booze fuelled secrets and wonder. 

Last updated on 18th April 2019

Ever-so-indulgent and totally unique, Proud Cabaret reignites the charms of a bygone era. Once a mausoleum and a boxing club, this sort-of speakeasy in Brighton excels in baroque architecture and boasts a majestic collection of vintage inspired artwork and twentieth century furnishings. Home to regular burlesque parties, live jazz performances and other such debauchery, Proud Cabaret is a stellar choice for a speakeasy in Brighton.

BYOC Brighton

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Broody and becoming, BYOC holds no alcohol on site; rather, guests are invited to bring a bottle of the hard stuff for the clever cocktail masters to blend into something delicious. Sparking an air of 1920's prohibition drinking dens, this one is kitted out in gilded furniture and exposed brick, making this speakeasy style bar in Brighton a charming little hideaway from the hubbub of the outside world. 

Speakeasy at The Wick

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Perched upon the second floor of one of Hove's traditional watering holes, The Speakeasy does exactly what it says on the tin. Hearkening back to the days of Prohibition in the US, this speakeasy in Brighton delivers a roaring selection of intricate tipples and curious concoctions, all very hush hush, of course. The interior is pretty damn decadent, full to brim with vintage paraphernalia and other such collectibles. A delightful drinking spot and a charming choice of speakeasy bar in Brighton.