Bars to Visit After Ice Skating in Birmingham

There's one thing that's certain when Christmas comes calling in Birmingham, and it's that the Centenary Square ice rink wont ever be far behind. Once you're done swanning over a plank of charming frozen water and taking in the festive Birmingham sights, you're most likely in need of a tipple, hence why we've compiled a cracking list of local hotspots to catch yourselves one. Check out our recommendations for the best bars to visit after ice skating in Birmingham and soothe those aching icing wounds. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

The Rose Villa Tavern

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Unless you're an ice skating pro, you're set to have a pair of jelly legs once all of those fun Christmas jaunts are over, so why not take the ten minutes to walk them off and discover this oh so cosy pub in the heart of Birmingham's bustling Jewellery Quarter. From vintage wares and mis-matched furniture to a dapper menu of American themed hot dogs and hearty meat patties, The Rose Villa Tavern is just the tip of your post skating iceberg. 


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All of five minutes walk from the ice rink, you could be chowing down on some of the best Indian food in Birmingham before you have the chance to snap your fingers and declare frostbite. Once done indulging in a little ice rink schmoozing, head on down to Broad Street where Pushkar promises to rustle up a cracking selection of handmade cocktails and curry dishes in the midst of their glitzy, golden themed restaurant bar. 

Walkabout Birmingham

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So you don't want to shy too far from Centenary Square for that cheeky tipple and you don't want to spend too much while doing it? Then this Aussie bar may just hit the spot. A raucous party bar by night, laid back destination during the day, Walkabout is not only doused in Australian get-up but it boasts some of the best drinks deals in the city with a beer and a burger setting you back no more that £7.