Top 10 Bars to Take Your Girlfriend in Birmingham

It’s time to treat the one you love like the royalty she is and, this date night, only the best bars will do. But when you think you’ve been everywhere together in Britain's second city, where do you take her? Whether you are a relationship newbie or a decade deep, sometimes we all need a little inspiration to find the perfect place to spoil the other half. So take a look at our list of the top 10 bars to take your girlfriend in Birmingham and keep the romance burning as strong as the first day you met.

Harvey Nichols is a bar that exudes style, whether you are eating in the contemporary, slick restaurant or if you descend the spiral staircase to the apothecary-inspired bar, it will be hard for your better half not to be impressed. The cocktail menu is packed with mixes of high-end spirits infused with fresh fruits and potent spices while the food is composed of British plates created from craft ingredients, making it an all-round perfect date night with your girlfriend.

The Jekyll and Hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde is definitely a quirky bar to take your girlfriend in Birmingham. With the Alice in Wonderland themed courtyard and a sophisticated Victorian Gin Parlour, it's the cocktails where the bar turns full strange. With interesting flavours served in bizarre ways (a watering pot and a bath tub!?), this bar will keep you amused all night long with its difference, but still maintaining welcome air of sophistication.

Island Bar

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Island Bar boasts a giant selection of rum and a long list of quirky cocktails that will please bar lovers everywhere. But if you're looking for a fun Birmingham bar for your girlfriend, this is the place for her. The Hawaiian themed Tiki bar mixes a Rock & Roll atmosphere with a friendly and welcoming attitude, the venue will keep you very entertained way into the night.  

The Edgbaston

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Treat your girlfriend to a night of luxury at The Edgbaston, a high-end cocktail lounge in Birmingham. Its caramel sofas contrast against sleek black table tops while hanging lights illuminate the room just enough to showcase elegance without ruining your chance at intimacy. The bar offers wonderful cocktails crafted by their expert mixologists, which is the perfect way to treat your girlfriend on a romantic night out.