Vegan Junk Food In Birmingham

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Veganism is sweeping the nation and showing no signs of stopping, which means more and more plant-based options at bars, restaurants and pubs in Birmingham. However, it’s not just raw bowls, salad and steamed veg, oh no. Now, vegans have the option to tuck into animal-free anything, including juicy burgers, hotdogs and pizza, because sometimes you just need a bit of stodge (it’s not just for hangovers). Check out our recommendations of vegan junk food in Birmingham here, and dig into some good ol’ greasy delicacies.

The Stable

A cool hangout in the heart of John Bright Street, The Stable offers a menu of authentic sourdough pizza, cooked fresh and topped with vegan cheese. Choose between the lip-smacking Margarita, Vegan Greek, Hazelnutter and Blazing Jack. Feeling extra peckish? Pair your pizza with their hot topped vegan wedge bites, tempeh and tahini bites or vegan stix.

The Stable | Vegan Junk Food | DesignMyNight

Vegans can get a slice of the action at The Stable with their menu of gooey goodies. 

Not Dogs

These guys come from humble festival food truck beginnings, gradually building enough of a following to open their first casual restaurant in 2016 within the Bullring. Check out their menu of meat-free 'Not Dogs', including the drool-worthy Cha-Cha chilli dog, Ticklish Tikka and What the Duck if you’re feeling a little adventurous. There’s even a cracking selection of vegan milkshakes to wash it all down. Not Dogs | Vegan Junk Food | DesignMyNight

There's too much choice, we'll just have the whole menu.


Sometimes, you just want a proper good pie, something hearty, filling and piping hot. Luckily, Pieminister are on-hand to make sure no vegan misses out. Their newest additions to the family include the Chooks Away, with creamy vegan chicken, celeriac and smoked garlic, and the Kevin made with mushroom, tomato and red wine, with onions and thyme. Pieminister | Vegan Junk Food | DesignMyNight

Sometimes you just want your dinner to give you a cuddle, that's what Pieminister will do for ya. 

Handmade Burger Co.

Another one in the Bullring, The Handmade Burger Co are dishing up vegan burgers that use only the freshest ingredients, so it’s kinda good for you. One that’s really got our tummies rumbling is the Cajun vegetable and bean with a homemade patty, original burger relish and salad, tied with the vegan cheese veggie stack with layered peppers, fat mushroom, relish and rocket in a sourdough bun.

Handmade Burger Co | Vegan Junk Food | DesignMyNight

Junk food with fresh ingredients? That's got to be good for you. 

The Veggie Chippy

Oh Birmingham you are a lucky bunch. The Veggie Chippy is dishing up good ol’ fashioned chip shop dishes that are totally meat-free, and cheap as, well...chips. From battered vish and vicken made from soya to vam burgers with chips and vacon, these guys are going v-crazy with their low-price deals and veggie goodies. Have we just found your new favourite hangover cure? We think so.  

The Veggie Chippy | Vegan Junk Food | DesignMyNight

We're v-excited to sample all of The Veggie Chippiy's re-imagined meat dishes.

Vegan Munch

Vegan Munch makes exclusively vegan shawarma and doner kebabs. Next time you’ve had a messy night out, grab one of their salad boxes with marinated soya pieces. Seasoned to perfection and topped with homemade sauce, finish these beauties off with a side of hummus and pitta, and one of their fresh smoothies and you’ll be glowing like a goddess in no time.

Vega Munch | Vegan Junk Food | DesignMyNIght

Good ol' greasy doner? Yeah vegans have those too now. 

The Rose Villa Tavern

Offering a menu of diner-style food in a Grade II listed building with large stained glass windows, The Rose Villa Tavern has plenty of charm to revel in as you chow down vegan junk food goodies. We’re dreaming of the Jack’s & Jala’s stacked jackfruit burger, the grilled cheese vegan sub and the Dirty Veggie Dog with chilli, can we just have it all? The Rose Villa Tavern | Vegan Junk Food | DesignMyNight

With interiors like these, we could happily just sit and try all of the vegan menu at The Rose Villa Tavern.