Valentine's Day Cocktails in Birmingham

Added on . By Taylah Catlow.

Gone are the days of impressing with champagne flutes and fancy wine, we're all about the cocktails now and Valentine's Day is no exception this year. So whether you're drowning your singleton sorrows, or wining and dining a loved one, do it in style this Valentines with a slick cocktail or two in one of Birmingham's best bars.

A treasure trove for Birmingham's cocktail enthusiasts, Ginger's Bar are pulling out all the stops this Valentines and dabbling into molecular cocktail mixology with their Strawberry and Rose Caviar Bellini. This exciting creation promises a unique experience with the caviar balls bursting with strawberry flavour. Also on the menu are the indulgent Delightful Turkish, a must for all chocolate lovers, and a delicious twist on the classic cosmo, Kissmopolitan.

kissmopolitan cocktail birmingham

Pucker up and wet those lips with the Kissmopolitan from Ginger's Bar this Valentines Day in Birmingham.

Step into Malbar and instantly forget the miserable, cold weather we've been battered with as you're whisked away to the sunny, sandy beaches of the Caribbean with just a sip of their Honeymoon in Caribbean Valentines special. A fantastically fruity blend of lime, orange and passion fruit juices, with a kick from rum and Curacao, just the sound of this cocktail has got us dreaming of Summer affairs (not 'affair' affairs you guys, this is Valentines Day, lap up the love).

Pushkar are offering up two indulgent, delicious and naughty cocktails inspired by traditional desserts with their Tiramisu X.O and Black Forest Martini. Folks, we suggest you save on a box of choccies and order one of these instead...we know which we'd prefer!