In a city brimming with so many great cocktail bars, how can we even begin to choose between them all? We find that we're always drawn to the coolest bars with the most inventive cocktail creations, and it all starts with the name. Who's going to order something that sounds boring, unoriginal and flat, when you could be drinking something with an interesting, unusual name that looks so darned dapper on a menu?

quirky cocktails birmingham

A babycham glass of liquid wares and a goblet of popcorn from The Victoria, we shall name it the 'OMG, such yum'.

Birmingham's cocktail masters have clocked onto this and are coming up with the best quirky names to entice us into their bars. These cocktails are mysterious, mystifying and customers are drawn to ordering these curious concoctions as they can't even begin to imagine what they will taste like!

Take Mal Bar's intriguing and medically orientated Penicillin - an exciting blend of Famous Grouse whisky, lemon juice, honey, ginger syrup and Laphroaig whisky. We'd bet you a cocktail or two that the majority of people have never heard of or ordered such a drink before, so naturally we have to try it! Other unusual offerings from Birmingham's best cocktail bars include:

  • The Birmingham Smog Cutter  - Brum's Hawaiian themed cocktail bar, Island Bar, are promising to deliver a "clearer perspective Birmingham style" with this intriguing combination of El Dorado rum, brandy, orange juice and almond, and finished with an indulgent Bournville chocolate dusting.

  • God in Heels - conjuring up an interesting image in our heads to say the least, The Victoria will grab your attention with this blend of Beefeater gin, cointreau and lemon juice blended and topped with bubble.

  • Dentrification - known for their quirky, innovative creations, it comes as no surprise that The Jekyll and Hyde would feature in this list. Thinking out of the box with taste and presentation, this exciting cocktail offers up an alternative way of looking after your gnashers with homemade Havana Club 3yr rum mint toothpaste, Kaffir lime and Wray & Nephew breath freshener mouth spray, served in a wash bag.

  • Captain Fishcake's Curse - another unusual cocktail name from the guys over at Island Bar, this dangerous sounding drink features exotic flavours of guava juice and grapefruit, blended with Diplomatico rum and vanilla.