Birmingham's Rainbow Venues will commandeer their very own London Eye pod on November 14th as part of Red Bull's 'Revolutions in Sound'.

Look now, don't get your party knickers in a twist, we know you want to stay in Birmingham until the very end of time but you have to venture down South at some point in your life, and The Rainbow Venues couldn't have picked a better time than now. 

Invited by Red Bull to partake in their 'Revolutions of Sound'' event that sees 31 premium nightlife venues across the UK nab their very own London Eye pod for a one off party this November 14th, The Rainbow Venues will be taking to the shiny London lights to show the city just how Birmingham handle the decks, and it's really rather well might we add. With Adam Shelton and Subb-a at the helm, this is set to be a truly special DJ showcase, all in the name of celebrating UK culture. We didn't manage to nab tickets because we're not lean, mean, internet machines but do we wish our local likely lads the best of luck and a cracking night on the Thames.