Thumbs up from Laurel and Hardy for The Barton Arms in Birmingham? Why of course guvner. 

Birmingham's most decadent pub may be famous for its Minton-Hollins tiles and 'snob screens', a selection of two way mirrors that allowed the middle classes to peer into the antics of working class punters drinking next door ; but there's another unique tale to tell behind these boozy doors.

Remember those funny fuddy duddies on the black and white screen? Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy? One of the most critically acclaimed comedy acts of the Hollywood era weren't shy of a British boozer, with one of Birmingham's very own laying claim to a visit. Known to have appeared at the adjacent Aston Hippodrome, Laurel and Hardy bedded down in The Barton Arms that very same night, after a cheeky snap behind the bar of course. It's nice to see that the Prince of Wales moose isn't the only celebrity known to hang around Birmingham pubs!