street art festival birmingham 2014

Set to embroil Birmingham in gripping graphic wares and affecting urban artists this coming September, City of Colours will highlight Brum's unique artistic palette with a fun filled party to boot. 

Wander around Brum on any given day and you wont be too surprised to find plush palettes of urban colour and creative flashes, but what if one event were set to showcase the city's street art at its finest? Following an overtly successful Kickstarter campaign at the start of this year to raise £1500 worth of sweet pennies, Birmingham Street Art Festival secured funding for their September event, and that's before the deadline was even up.

Set to showcase 80 of the finest in urban artists and partnering with 20 top notch organisations the likes of Boxxed and Custard Factory, City of Colours is set to be a celebration of  all things visual. But there's more, from live art and break dancing to four music stages, DJs, cinema screenings and illustration battles, it looks like City of Colours could have a little something' somethin' for everyone. Keep checking back for further details as more filter through!