With over 1 million party people in Birmingham, niches begin to carve, groups are set asunder and labels are blatantly made. Taking it upon ourselves to carve those niches and uncover just the kinds of hearty party goer's that grace the city, we compiled a list of the six kinds of people you're most likely to meet on a night out. But question is, which one are you?

The Posh Pardier

This breed of partier will usually be found in large mixed groups on Broad Street, but straying no further than the barrier of Mechu. This Mechu-ite will spend hours in preparation for this swish pardy where the cash will be flashed and splashed on a private table and double vodkas. Look for towering heels, crisp designer shirts, perfectly quaffed hair and plenty of ‘woohoo’ing at one of these posh pardies.


Steamed Topshop jackets and spangly appendages, the posh pardier has it all. (Photo credit: Manos Koukakis Photography)

The Yuppie

Birmingham is full of them, sometimes you might even think they are none around and BAM! They catch you off guard with their raucous work laugh and their shiny, shiny teeth. Suits and after work drinks in swanky bars are a yuppie’s bread and butter, followed by heavy cocktail usage once Friday comes around. Filling the air with loud, boastful office chat the Yuppie is a proud being, with a bar tab about as big as this month’s bonus.


Business by day, cocktail guzzler by night, the yuppie is not so rare a breed in Birmingham. (Photo credit: Static Mass Emporium) 

The Happy Hippie

Usually 'The Happy Hippie' can be found milling around Moseley and Kings Heath. They can be identified by the woolly hat glued to their head, the pint of ale in their hand and the guitar upon their back, perfectly placed for an impromptu musical performance, whether you want it or not. Other identifiers include the phrase, ‘they are so much better live’ and withering stares when asked, ‘Do you want to go to Gatecrasher?’.

These swashbuckling souls will soothe you with tales of country jaunts and their knowledge of G Minor on the acoustic.

The Rock n Roll Local

Have you ever been on a night out in Brum and met a fully-fledged Brummie? If not, you are missing out. You will find these locals hiding out in the pubs of Brum; there is no need to approach them, they will approach you. Live music is their jam, show these guys a guitar and they will chat to you for hours about the good old days of rock n roll, real music and then usually something a bit slurred.

I love rock, do you love rock? What do you mean you don't love rock? Rock, ROCKS!

The Broad Street Bunch

You will find these chaps scurrying from Broad Street venue to Broad Street venue rain or shine covered in glow paint and wearing a suitably chopped up event t-shirt. No matter what night of the week it is, the Broad Street Bunch will know which venue has a night on, how much entry is and if there are cheap Jaegerbombs. Their knowledge of the street is unfathomable, their information source is untraceable, their ability to run in heels is impossible. Don’t ask questions, just follow and find the party!

We're no Satan worshippers but hang out with the Broad Street Bunch and you'll get to know a group of dance floor demons (Photo Credit: James Ho - Jameshillustration)

The Hipsters

Hipsters love house music. Which is why, if you are looking for a house loving hipster head to Digbeth, the mecca of everything cool and quirky in Brum. Caps, button-up shirts and the odd moustache are the obvious indentifiers, accompanied by a haircut that resembles an iced gem. They love to talk to you about music you ‘probably won’t have heard of’ whilst bobbing to the beat, but you can still sit back and be fascinated by the completely static nature of their hair.

Hair product? No mate, I was born with these devilishly good looks, urban wardrobe and love of that underground band from Europe but....nah, don't worry, you wouldn't get it. (Photo credit: Tom Horton Photography)