canals venice documentary birmingham

It's the fact we all already knew, but there are plenty more we don't in this factual Birmingham showcase by Steve Rainbow.

Thought you knew Birmingham? Move aside factual peasant of the mind, Steve Rainbow knows more, or at least his documentary does. Being screened worldwide today for one day only, and for free at that, 'More Canals Than Venice' is an hour dedicated to all things Brum, and the pretty nifty facts that it harbours; from music and pen nibs to microwaves, Steve's packing the ruddy lot. Whilst we know a lot about the Birmingham nightlife, Steve Rainbow knows a lot about the details that made our fair city, and it's some pretty great information to retain. 

Fancy discovering the documentary for yourself? Skedaddle over to YouTube, take to the keyboard and type in a mere 'More Canals Than Venice', we'll leave it to you from there!