Some argue that it's the best toast topper since butter, others would rather see it burn in hell and some, well some would like to see it in a cocktail.

Now here's a flavour you certainly wont be sitting on the fence with....While this isn't the first time that Marmite has been used in a cocktail, we're pretty sure it's the first time that any Birmingham tipple has dared to be so dangerous in flavour. A win some, most certainly lose some taste, this pungent yeast based toast topper has been tearing friendships and families apart since the very dawn of time. But a certain bar in Birmingham fancied giving this flavour a chance.

Known for their quirky cocktails, spirited bar staff and unique concoctions, Island Bar took to this argumentative little jar for the creation of one of their very latest treats, a 'Marmite Martini'. What we like the most about this drink, is that the menu gives little to no allusions when it comes to ingredients, merely tucking into that favoured old line 'You'll either love it, or you'll hate it'. With a blank slate, other than Marmite to help you, choosing this cocktail is a brave dabble in mixology and one that you should surely earn a badge, or a tongue scraper, for at least trying.