Knee down and proposals at the ready, we've constructed some sweet picks for this Valentines Day in Birmingham, and yup, we think you're going to love us for it. (y'know, hence the knee down part)


Eat Me, Drink Me Valentines Day Special at The Jekyll and Hyde

Are you done dabbling in the same ol' fare every darn Valentine's Day? Surprise your beau with one heck of a taste sensation and a bucket load o' booze at The Jekyll's 'Eat Me, Drink Me' Valentine's special; and by booze you guys, we mean gin, that thing that makes the world go round. From a tutored tasting down to a three course fusion menu and Family Fortunes style quiz, this off kilter event is just the memorable moment you've been looking for. (£35 per person)

valentines special the jekyll birmingham


Seedy Sonics: Valentines Special at The Rainbow Venues

We're here to cater for the lot of you, party patrons and dinner schmoozers the like; but if you belong to the first category this Valentines Day in Birmingham, there's something that Seedy Sonics have up their sleeves. Joined by Huxley, Shenoda, Route 94 and many more this February 14th,  Seedy Sonics say 'SEE YA' to heartbroken post-dinner sobs and hello to a seething dance floor of premium house beats. (Tickets: £15 standard)


Three Course edible Parisian Endeavour at Le Truc

'Miam miam dans mon tum', which of course means 'yum yum in my tum'. A far flung flavour adventure to the far reaches of France, Le Truc will swoon you and your beloved something silly with three courses of Parisian fare. From champagne and oyster veloute to boilie goats cheese croquettes and Parisian wine, you're set to save on the plane ticket and score high in luuuurve. (£32 per person)

le truc valentines dinner birmingham


Madame Moonshine speakeasy style shindig at Next Door

We get it, you're not ready to commit to a relationship. But how about entering into an unadulterated affair with one heck of a 1920s style ruckus? Yup, we thought so too. Whether you're with the one you love, getting dapper with your dames or looking to twirl that tache on the dancefloor, this prohibition style speakeasy bash is set to be the cat's meow and one almighty whoopee this Valentines Day in Birmingham. (Advanced Tickets: £15)

madame moonshine party birmingham


Dabble in a little mixology mastery with the Valentines Cocktails at Ginger's Bar

Valentines Day in Birmingham may sound good, but if there's one thing we know, it's that it tastes better. Shimmy your saucy Valentines self down to Ginger's Bar, friends or favoured one in tow, and have yourself a swing at the Valentines cocktail collection that Ginger's have to boast. From a 'Kissmopolitan' down to a 'Delightful Turkish' doused in chocolate bitters, this is that sweet hit you've had a hankering for.

valentines cocktails birmingham