moseley festival

Moseley Folk Festival attracts hundreds of grassy party revelers every year to Birmingham suburb, Moseley.

Now this might be news to you, but Birmingham is not in fact the festival capital of the UK, yet. In an exciting new bid to place Birmingham firmly on, and at the top, of the festival map; Birmingham's business leaders, chief marketing companies and councils plan on putting together a scheme that will incite new interest and grass roots participation within this bustling city.

Already host to a whole funky plethora of festivals every year including the likes of Moseley Folk Festival, a Chili Festival and Birmingham Beer Bash; Birmingham not only want to introduce a whole host of new events to the listings, they want more people to visit those that already exist; Ultimately turning Birmingham into a 'festivals city'. Being the fans of grassy knolls that we are, we're excited to see how this could really boost interest in the city and its already booming creative ventures.