Snow Day Bars in Birmingham

You lucky pecker, the weather's taken an almighty chilly turn and that powdery snow lark means you've got a day off work, so where to flock to? Don your snow boots and wade your way through the white to one of these great bars in Birmingham, primed for chilly toes, heart warming tipples and moments by the fire. Check out our recommendations for the best snow day bars in Birmingham and make a hasty retreat from a dangerously snowball laden Birmingham. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

The Bartons Arms

1 user review 5

It's all about snuggling up and watching the day go by when snow occurs, so why not avoid the sludge and take to The Bartons Arms, a wholly traditional pub in Birmingham. From gilded windows and an alternative Thai menu to cosy nooks, The Bartons Arms is a great snow day retreat. And guess what, you're not the only awesome punter to swing by, with Laurel and Hardy having once been guests.

Island Bar

9 user reviews 4

There may be snow laid asunder on the ground outside, but that doesn't mean you can't make a break for more exotic retreats. Boasted as one of the only tiki bars in Birmingham, Island Bar makes for one Southern Pacific treat on a day where the chill is taking its toll on punters outside. Nab yourself one of ther creative cocktails and watch the snowballs fly by. 

The Prince of Wales

4 user reviews 5

There's chilly white lark all around and you're just looking to get cosy! Warm those little nippers of yours by the fire at The Prince of Wales where a heart warming selection of ales and beer await. But if you fancy harking around in the snow, take to the beer garden out back where it's sure to be laid out just right. Don't worry though, Byron the outdoor heater will be there to warm you up if not.

The Village

2 user reviews 4

There was always something so heartwarming about your nan's pad, so why not take to a pub in Birmingham with the very same air of cosy? One of the newest residents in Moseley, The Village is a wonderland of kitsch wares, cocktails and vintage styled interiors; We suggest you nab the plot by their real wooden fireplace and cosy up something silly this snow day in Birmingham.  

The Old Contemptibles

1 user review 4

You probably don't want to venture too far from the heart of the city on chilly day like today, so why not discover one of the most cosy pubs in Birmingham and a little heritage while you're at it. Sitting, bone warming whisky in hand, you'll uncover that this Birmingham pub, laden in tradition, just so happens to be a nod to the UK's First World War Heroes; and it's pretty darn cosy too.